My New Samples Section


It’s nice to put stuff out there for people to read but it is equally terrifying.  All the ideas you have spent time incorporating into a piece, the effort you made to make that one sentence work, will anyone notice or care.  Will the good points hide the weakness in your writing or will one small mistake make all the hard work pointless.

It does not matter.  If no one but you reads your work, it is more of a diary than a novel, a short story or a play.  Art is only art when others see it.

With that in mind, I am putting my work out there.  This is a round-about way of announcing my new Samples section.  At the moment you can read the first chapter of my novel Timothy Davis Wants to Kill the World and the opening monologue of my radio play Compensate Me.  I Need Space to Breath.

I hope you enjoy them.  All comments, good and bad, are appreciated.



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