Is Technology Endangering Our Writing Heritage?

Located in the South West of Kofu, Yamanashi, away from the hundred-year-old wineries and stunning waterfall, is the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Literature. Surrounded by low cost housing, and little else of interest, it is a strange location for a museum filled with Japanese literature heritage. Inside it contains a mix of originals and copies of drafts produced by some of Japan’s best-known writers. Continue reading

Writers, The Opening of Veins and Blood Soaked Pages

Everyone experiences melancholy, or rather everyone interesting does. When a builder experiences depression, they may only share it with a close friend, a partner o4r a doctor. When a writer feels sadness creeping over him he also tells his closest friend: the blank page. This does not make his suffering anymore important just more prominent. This can be a dangerous practice when producing work for others consumption. Pour your heart and depression across and into whatever makes you feel better the quickest but do not force that upon readers unless it has more to it than your emotions. Continue reading

What Writers Can Learn From Economics

Motivations are the key to any narrative. Get them right and readers will empathise with your character’s desires. Get them wrong and readers disengage early on. While reading Superfreakonomics, the sequel to the fantastic Freakonomics, the importance of motivations in economics struck me as a great lesson for writers. Continue reading

Why Titles Still Matter In An Ebook Age

When it comes to ideas, names can be powerful things. As a writer, ideas will pop in to your head and you will move them around but once they have a title they are yours: you owe them something. Yet, with the proliferation of eReaders, titles are seen less by readers. Rather than the constant view of the book cover, readers have their Kindle sitting on the table in front them. However, this distancing of the reader and the title of your novel does not mean you should underestimate it. Continue reading