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Absence: A short-story published in Dissections: The Journal of Contemporary Horror.

Absence is an urban horror set in the back streets of Tokyo. When you search for darkness, you may find more than you can handle.

 Contains mature content.


Nyanglish: A Cat Photo Book With English Phrases

In partnership with Kodansha, Japan’s largest publishing company, I released a book called Nyangalish.  The idea behind the photo book is to combine uplifting images with interesting English dialogue that also teaches students new phrases and words.

Contains cute content.


Opening chapters of a contemporary noir set in Japan.  

When disgraced journalist Shaun loses everything, he must take the last job on offer and enter the underworld of Tokyo to overcome teenage sociopath Timothy.

 Contains mature content.

Opening monologue of a radio play set in the back streets of Tokyo.

A story of compensation dating, cheating and the need to escape the claustrophobia of the city.

Contains mature content.

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