myth of the suffering artist

Writers, The Opening of Veins and Blood Soaked Pages

Everyone experiences melancholy, or rather everyone interesting does. When a builder experiences depression, they may only share it with a close friend, a partner o4r a doctor. When a writer feels sadness creeping over him he also tells his closest friend: the blank page. This does not make his suffering anymore important just more prominent. This can be a dangerous practice when producing work for others consumption. Pour your heart and depression across and into whatever makes you feel better the quickest but do not force that upon readers unless it has more to it than your emotions. Continue reading

How A Blog Helped Me Realise What I Thought About Suffering and Art

A.L Kennedy has one of the best blogs on writing I have found, and it is sad that she has been unable to write many over the last year. In the blog, she talks about writers who spend more time moping and wallowing than writing. I wish I could send this to myself ten years ago. In my early twenties, I fell into the trap of believing that art came from suffering as opposed to focus and dedication. Continue reading